Sunday, January 2, 2011

... And Another One Bites The Dust

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you might miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Life does move fast, things change, and our perceptions have a way of making us rethink our priorities.

I (Josh) recently started my Masters in Business Administration and it has been a bit of a struggle getting my time management and balancing the family, work, and play all in an effort to manage my studies. Just a tweak of the priorities and I can do it. Didn't help I got a new XBOX for Christmas so I will need to fight the urge to blow up alien races on REACH or defeat the darkness as ALAN WAKE... but I think I will manage.

I can't promise I will continue to keep this blog up like I have said many times before, but I will do my best. It's a new year. Perhaps I can keep those of you that follow our blog abreast of the comings and goings of our lives. Let's call it my resolution... update our blog and maintain those friendships I may have been neglecting the past little while. We are all busy, but there is always time for those we love and care about. Cheesy, yes..... but you know it's true.

Welcoming everyone back to the blog in 2011... hope you enjoy the rants, raves, mischief, and just funny antics of my boys, Kyrie, and myself.
Here's to the New Year!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Conversations with Declan

Wow! It sure has been a LONG time! When Josh mentioned that he wanted to start this blog to entertain with his writing skills I warned him that he would not keep up on his posts thus making the blog...BORING! I also told him at that time that I REFUSED to blog! Not that I am against it, but I do update facebook with the happenings of our life and didn't think I would have time to update a blog as well. Well, since Josh has jumped off of the blogging bandwagon, I have decided that I would post some funny conversations that I have had with Declan. I have posted these on facebook, but I wanted to "journal" them as well. Please enjoy! Love, Kyrie

December 4, 2009: Conversation between Declan and Grandma @ 8:30 last night: Grandma: "Happy Birthday little man. Sleep Good." Declan: "Thank you, but it's not my birhtday anymore."

January 12, 2010: Declan-Daddy spilled my gatorade when he stopped the car. Me-Oh, does that mean that I have blue gatorade all over my car? Declan-No, it's on my coat, so I can't go to school anymore. Me-It's OK buddy, I can wash it. Declan-No Mommy, it's ruined. I can't go to school!

January 14, 2010: Declan was getting off of the bus from his field trip yesterday, looked at the bus driver and said..."Oh, you do speak our language." Turns out the bus driver was caucasion. When I asked Declan what language he speaks (since he speaks english and is learning spanish) he looks at me and said..."Just the language of the house." I truly wonder what is going through his little mind!!!

January 20, 2010: Last night I was putting Lochlan to bed after his 10:00 bottle. Declan sat up in his bed, looked at me, and said, "I just gave him a nut." I asked, "Who did you give a nut to?", hopeing it wasn't Loch earlier in the day. He replied, "The Squirrel, I just gave him a nut." Then he laid back down and passed out!

February 5, 2010: Declan-"Mommy, you need a time out!" Me-" Oh PLEASE can I really have one?!?!" Look of confusion on the 4 years old face...PRICELESS!

February 10, 2010: While getting Declan ready for bed...2 hours after dinner! Declan- "Mommy, remember when I told you I ate all my chicken and I was a good boy?" Me-"Yes." Declan-"I didn't eat all my chicken mom. I gave some to Chewy and threw the rest in the garbage!" Declan:1...Kyrie: Nothin'

February 18, 2010: Last night it looked like Declan was snuggled in his blankets with his head under the pillow. When I went to kiss him, the blankets and pillows squished down. I go into my room and there is Declan, curled up in a ball on my bed. So I asked him this morning why he fell asleep in my bed, and he said, "I made it yook y...ike I was in my bed, but I wasn't!" Sneaky little bugger!

March 5, 2010: Sent Declan to school in a really cute bright pink polo shirt (from the boys section!), he fought me all morning about putting it on him saying it was a girl shirt. When I got home from work, Josh informed me that the girls at school were teasing him so bad that he took it off while at school. Poor little guy, I hope I didn't scar him for life!!!

March 17, 2010: Me: Declan, I think a Leprechaun was in your room last night. Declan: No he wasn't. I made a shamrock. Me: Why don't you look and see what he did? Declan: Oh my gosh, mom! He left me a Buzz Lightyear and a green shirt! Me: See what happens when you make shamrocks? The Leprechaun becomes nice and leaves things instead... of takes them! And that's how a working mom celebrates St. Patrick's Day with her little man!!

March 29, 2010: Declan-"Mommy, soda is not beer." Me-"You're right, soda is not beer." Declan-"So, I can have beer since it's not soda!" Me-"Um...No, you cannot not have beer. It has alcohol." How does a 4 year old come up with this logic?!?!

April 12, 2010: Declan turned on the weather channel last night, just as it was talking about the tornado that went through Atlanta in 2008. He looks at me and says "Oh mom, we can't go there. Did you see how messy it is?" Yes...worry about the mess, don't focus on the freaking TORNADO!!!!

April 13, 2010: Declan-"Moooom (whiny voice)-this tooth-taste does NOT taste like bubble gum. You told a lie!"

April 26, 2010: Declan: "Mommy, girls toot and boys fart." (followed by Dec laughing hysterically!)

April 28, 2010: Taking Dec to bed last night: Declan-"Mommy, I am going to get rid of you." Me-"Dec, why would you want to get rid of me?" Declan-"Because you're a No Mom. You never let me do AnyHing and your making me go to bed. That makes me sad." Have I ever mentioned that Declan is a DRAMA KING when he's tired???

So, there you have it! Declan, my little twerp, in a nutshell!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sneaky Declan

Declan has shown lately that he is a very independent boy. It used to be that if he woke up before Josh and I, he would sneak into our room and crawl in bed with us, or do this creepy thing where he would stand by my side of the bed and stare at me until I woke up (let me tell you...I like the crawling in bed a ton more!). As of late, he has taken to going downstairs and putting on a DVD until Josh and I wake up. At first this worried me, but now it is not a huge deal.

A couple of Sunday's ago, I woke up and didn't hear a movie or a sound from Declan. So I thought maybe I had beaten him awake. I snuck into his room to see if he was still asleep and he wasn't there. I started walking down the stairs and I hear a quick slam and little feet running across the floor. When I got down the stairs, Declan was sitting on the couch looking very innocent. I said "Good Morning, Dude," to which he replied, "I didn't do it." I looked at him for a minute and then noticed that his eyes kept darting behind me. Slowly, I turned around at what did my eyes see...

Now, I know you all have seen this picture before. It has circulated over and over again with a tag line like "Do you really want kids?" I would giggle and delete it out of my mailbox thinking I would never have to deal with this situation. But on this particular Sunday...this is what my TV, Stand, and Floor looked like (along with little decorative swipes from the broom that Declan used to "sweep up" with.)

I very calmly turned around and asked Declan to go up to his bedroom. Declan took off like a shot up the stairs and threw himself onto his bed. I then started frantically cleaning up the mess before Josh woke up and saw what his "little buddy" did! After I got it all cleaned up (which wasn't an easy task) I realized I didn't take a picture of his masterpiece, but I assure you, this picture is pretty close to what I dealt with...of course it was just Declan and instead of paint he used ooey-gooey sunblock.

When Josh woke up he asked why Declan was being so quiet in his room. When I explained what had happened he just looked at me and laughed! We made sure we talked to Dec about the importance of doing what is right vs. doing what is wrong...and we also made sure we did not laugh within earshot of Declan, but Josh and I had a great laugh!

Have a good day!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos 2009

October 4th 2009. The morning was brisk and pleasant. Perfect for Football. My friend Ryan Magaraci and myself road tripped it to Denver to see the Cowboys take on the Broncos. It was the first NFL game for both of us. Seeing our favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, made the trip even that much more AWESOME! Kyrie's cousin Scott and his wife Kalli let us stay at their apartment in Thornton, CO. That's about ten minutes out of Denver.

We arrived on Saturday evening and got settled in at Scott's apartment. Definitely pumped about the game we needed to let some of that energy out. So we got in on some Halo 3 on Xbox Live.

Bright and early Sunday morning we got geared up in our Dallas swag and headed to the stadium. We were surprised to see how many Cowboy's fans there were. It made things a little more comfortable in enemy territory. After we were let into the stadium we went straight down to the field to check out the Cowboys warm up. It was great. I felt like a little kid all excited and giddy every time I saw a different Cowboy hit the field... Marion Barber, Jason Witten, Nick Folk, Tony Romo, Roy Williams, DeMarcus Ware, Miles Austin, and Keith Brooking.... I could go on and on and on.....

Eventually we were corralled back to our seats for the start of the game. It was so much louder than any Utah Utes game I have ever been to.... The energy was incredible. It was a blast. Through most of the game Ryan and I were jeering and trash talking to the Denver fans around us. We had a lot of help from the other Dallas fans in our section too. Then the last five minutes of the fourth quarter arrived..... we had nothing. We stood there, just waiting for the Cowboys to punch it in the end zone and win this game.... but two incomplete passes to Sam Hurd and a kneel down by Kyle Orton and we were verbally harassed the entire way back to the car. Hard loss, but the trip was a lot of fun anyway.

The ride home on the other hand...... We weren't looking forward to the seven hour drive because of the loss, but we could still talk about what WE would have done and how our Offensive play calling is so much better than any NFL Coach out there.

At Rock Springs, WY we ran into some major highway issues. There was an accident on I-80 at Green River, WY that shut down the interstate. We sat in traffic for two and a half hours before we were forced off of at Green River. We drove through the town and onto a frontage road where we were able to get back on the road and head home again. The long ride and the fact that we encountered every possible weather type on that ride home kind of took our minds off of the loss.

All and all the trip was great! Next year we want to head to Dallas and see the Boys play in the new stadium.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poor Chewy

Chewy joined our family right after Josh and I were married back in 2004. He went from our little baby puppy to our 5 year old dog in what seems like overnight.

When Declan was born Chewy was very interested in this little bundle that had invaded his universe but couldn't figure out why the little bundle wasn't going away. Through the years, Chewy has learned that Declan is his play buddy and well as his best friend. Sure, he still loves Josh and me, but you can tell that there is quite the special "a boy and his dog" bond going on. I don't think Chewy enjoys some of the wrestling moves that Declan puts on him, but nevertheless Chewy still comes back for more!

Now that Lochlan had arrived we have thrown off his universe all over again!

Today, Chewy and I had quite the morning! Chewy is very good at getting up with me during night time feedings, I think he thinks I need the company. For the past couple of days Lochlan has been spitting up after he eats, I am not one who is good with spit up but ya just gotta truck on! At 9:00 am I was feeding Lochlan, he burped twice, then finished his bottle. Lochlan is really hard to get that last burp out of (and that is the one that you have to get out!) so I did the "lap burp" trick. Let's just say I got that last burp...and then some! Chewy happened to be sitting right under my feet and got puked on...and I mean all over!!! Chewy looked up at me with that "What the Heck" look. I wiped the baby down, laid him on his blanket, and then started chasing Chewy all over the house. When I would get near him, he would start shaking and run some more. So I spent most of the morning cleaning baby puke off of me, the baby, the dog, Declan, and my walls and furniture. Chewy didn't hold a grudge though, after everything was cleaned up, Chewy laid down on the blanket with Lochlan and Declan.

Love, Kyrs